Taylor Accursi Is Sitting Out the NWHL Bubble Season

I’m very disappointed to share the news that I will not be able to join my Buffalo Beauts teammates in Lake Placid. I am an Ontario Provincial Police Officer and my current duties on the front line prevent me from participating in this season’s bubble. As the captain of the Beauts, I feel that my absence has let the team down, but at the same time I know that the talent and character of my teammates will more than make up for my absence. I wish them all great success, and I will be watching them as they play the greatest game in the world.

Taylor Accursi via Ice Garden

The Buffalo Beauts will be without their stud captain this season. Taylor Accursi, who will keep her title as captain although not playing, will have to miss out on this season because of her day job. Accursi is a cop when she’s not playing hockey and she cannot take two weeks leave for the Bubble Season at Lake Placid.

This is why women’s hockey needs and deserves a stable league. Last season, Accursi kicked ass with 25 points (16G 9A) in 24 games. She was set for another stellar season, her first as the Beauts captain. It sucks that we’ll miss out on that now. These players are so talented, they deserve to be payed a living wage in the league. The NWHL has certainly come closer to that reality in the past year so at least we have hope for that in the near future.

The Bubble season is right around the corner and if you’re looking to get into the NWHL, here’s a little guide on the teams.

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Featured Image: Pat McCarthy

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