Fact: The Canucks Are Fun to Watch

I just added the Canucks to My List of Teams (TM) and I do not regret it one bit. The Canucks just beat the Edmonton Oilers 5-3 in their season opener. Not only did we have Braden Holtby standing right on his head the entire game, but we had stellar goals from a few characters. Holtby had a number of sick saves but this one of McDavid is a notable favorite:

This was his first game with the Canucks and I bet that win felt pretty damn good.

The scoring was phenomenal tonight. Firstly, Nils Höglander scored his first NHL goal and you can read about that here. Next up, I thought Elias Pettersson would steal the show tonight but it was actually his best bud Brock Boeser. Brock had 2 goals late in the game to seal in the victory. Please, for the love of all that is good and glorious, watch this goal:

Absolutely INSANE.

Quinn Hughes even thinking to make that play is wild but it working out for a Brock goal, amazing. This goal looks a lot like one Pete and Brock had a while back but oh boy is it still just as clutch.

Then he had this sick lil snipe for his 2nd goal of the evening.

This team makes watching hockey so much fun. Especially after watching the Hawks get murdered (and now the Avs). What a start for this young team. I was a little nervous for them headed into the season because they lost some key pieces this off-season but they did really well. They did the impossible (kept McDavid out of the net) and they’ll have to do it again on the 14th (today? what time is it??). I think if they keep their whits about them and keep steady, they’ll be just as deadly as they were in the playoffs.

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Featured Image: The Vancouver Canucks Twitter

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