Ain’t Nobody Throw Hands Quite Like a Hamilton

My last name is Hamilton, I am legally obligated to write this blog.

What is it to be a Hamilton? It’s honor, loyalty, and the ability to throw hands.

Jordan Staal took a hit from Sam Gagner and Staal’s teammate Dougie Hamilton wasted no time dropping Gagner’s ass.

I love to see players standing up for one another like this (it’s why I got into hockey) and you bet your ass that gave their bench a boost. Get the boys goin’, show Detroit that that kinda stuff don’t fly here. The Canes have a lot to fight for this season and besides their trouble getting into the net (until the very final minutes of the game), they’ve looked fired up and ready to start the season.

So from one Hamilton to another, good for you, you go king, beat his ass. Embrace the name.

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