Problem One: I Gave Myself Hope

Why, for the love of God(s) did I give myself hope? I just said that I had no hope so why did I let myself get this hopeful? The Hawks just got knocked into next week by the Lightning and it hurts. But, I am ever the optimistic so here’s some good things.

With a lineup hurting so badly, I’m at least proud that the score wasn’t 10-0. I’m happy we got 1 on the board (Thanks Dylan) rather than be shutout to start the season. It was a dirty, sneaky little goal but that’s what we need to do to be competitive. Keep that drive going here and fight to get in that net.

I think Andrew Shaw was great in his return. He sadly didn’t get on the board but he was right in front of that net, taking quite a few shots. It’s good to see that he’s back and feelin’ it.

Our biggest problem has been goaltending. We had a new goalie in net and I think Malcolm Subban did good, considering. Some of the goals were out of his control but he sill held on and blocked 28 of 33 shots. I’ll ignore the slight self goal for sanity sake.

I had hope that we would maaayyybbbeee hold on and pull out a win but that obviously didn’t happen. We’re a team playing without most of our NHL lineup and we were facing the team that just won the (bullshit) Stanley Cup. The Hawks will play the Lightning again on Friday so who knows what can happen. Maybe a scrap, maybe some more goals, I don’t know. I am NOT having expectations. I refuse.

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