Nils Höglander Has Scored His First NHL Goal

Ain’t nothin’ sweeter than a first NHL goal celly.

Nils Höglander just scooped his first NHL goal on this sick little snipe.

The 20-year-old winger is playing in his first NHL game with the Canucks tonight. He has been a highly anticipated Canucks’ prospect since he was drafted 40th overall in 2019. And watching the first 40 minutes he’s been a part of, I can understand why. The goal he scored shows how much skill this kid has got in the bank.

Great hands, amazing hockey IQ, and he’s just a warrior out there. The Canucks lost a lot this off-season but if this kid keeps going with how he’s been all night, their worries should subside quite a bit. You can trust him to stay on that puck and be responsible, rare for some 20-year-olds. Only 2 periods in the NHL and this guy has impressed me quite a bit.

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Featured Image: The Vancouver Canucks

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