The Hockey Season is Imminent

Ladies and gentlemen, we have hockey within 24 hours.

This has been the fastest and slowest 3 months since the end of the Stanley Cup Final (not gonna talk about it, not gonna talk about it) but fear not, the season starts anew with 5 games tomorrow evening.

First, Nolan Patrick‘s Revenge Tour (And the Philadelphia Flyers) starts against the Pittsburgh Penguins at 4:30 PM CT. I’ve talked about that a few times here so expect me to lose my absolute marbles during this game. Great way to start the season. No dipping the toes into the water, this game will be full force swan dive into the deep end that is the NHL season.

Then, tale as old as time, Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadians at 6 PM CT. Two teams with a lot of new pieces to move around and shape. Irregardless, this rivalry is always fun to watch and it will be equally as fun to watch Leaf fans blow a gasket no matter what happens. Bonus points: Joe Thornton.

Then at 7 PM CT, Chicago Blackhawks vs the Tampa Bay Lightning. Get fucked Tampa, go Hawks. (You knew that was coming).

Next is Vancouver Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers at 9 PM CT. Vancouver took a blow to their ship this off season with so many new players yet I think they’ll do just fine here. Elias Pettersson and Connor McDavid are guaranteed one sick goal each.

And lastly to end the night, the Colorado Avalanche will face the St. Louis Blues at 9:30 PM CT. For the past 3 seasons, Colorado has been getting better and better every year so without a doubt, I think they’ll kick the Blues to the curb. I am also biased because I can’t stand the Blues or the city of St. Louis. Go Avs Go.

Overall, going from 0 NHL games to 5 is awesome and I cannot WAIT to watch hockey again. Sure, I’ve had college hockey and the World Juniors (I miss them so much) but there is nothing like NHL teams. Plus, this will hype me up even more for the NWHL season starting the 23rd.

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