PWHPA Is Playing In Tampa and I’ve Barely Heard A Thing About It

Some of the top players in women’s hockey are playing down in Tampa this week and you wouldn’t really know that based on social media.

On January 7th, the PWHPA’s All-Stars played the USPHL’s Tampa Bay Juniors and kicked their asses 5-3. But on the PWHPA’s twitter, no highlights, no live tweets, just a quote tweet the next day from a blog by the Women’s Hockey Tribune. The USPHL tweeted videos and updates but nothing from the PWHPA.

There’s been two other games since the 7th. One against the South Shore Kings and resulted in a 4-2 defeat for the PWHPA. The other was a 5-0 defeat for the PWHPA at the hands of the Philadelphia Hockey Club. I didn’t see almost anything about the South Shore game. The PWHPA didn’t tweet the roster or remotely anything about there even being a game that day. They posted a single highlight. That’s it. The only time they remotely live tweeted was yesterday when they got their asses kicked. Yeah, that looks great for the game, eh?

I’ve talked about my disagreements with the PWHPA a few times on Ham Sports. Most recently, here. They have some of the greatest names in women’s hockey, they had a great start with the Dream Gap Tour last season. They expect that to carry them to success and it just doesn’t work like that.

If you want people to buy in and support your cause, you gotta work for it and put forth the actual information presented. You can’t just pick and choose when you post line ups and live tweets. You need to actually show off who you have and their talent, not just ride on their name. It’s incredibly frustrating to someone like me who is trying to find the information and trying to promote this league but they make it difficult by being inconsistent. There is no news or updates about this series on the PWHPA’s site. Women’s Hockey Tribune is actually keeping up their stats and score but the PWHPA barely engages with that.

I’ve said time and time again how I love the NWHL’s twitter accounts because they actually engage people and create fans. The PWHPA just skates by and acts like they’re top dog. Like Herb Brooks said “you don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone.” You have to get out there and make people listen to you if you want to chase this insane idea of a league you don’t think exists.

I love a lot of people in the PWHPA, I really do but I don’t support all the shit they’ve done that’s just divided women’s hockey. Denying the existence of the NWHL has only gone to hurt women’s hockey.

I meant to write a blog about these games because these players are still worth your time to watch but I am yet again just disappointed with the PWHPA. For all the trouble the PWHPA has caused in the women’s hockey world, for how much they’ve divided it, they’re not making their cause seem worth it.

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