Today is A Great Day to Win A Hockey Game


Today is the day, Team USA will take on Team Canada in the World Junior Gold game and I will be shaking in my boots until puck drop. Yesterday, the US beat Finland by the skin of their teeth, well today it’s time to flip that script and kick Canada’s ass. Canada shutout Russia to advance to the Gold Medal game with a final score of 5-0. Canada is a very offensively strong team and the US is gonna need their legs under them from the jump. They need to be fast, their goaltending needs to be tight, and they need to keep the PIMs low.

I am overwhelmingly optimistic when it comes to my teams and that still applies to Team USA. They’ve been so fucking stellar this whole time so they just need to keep it goin’. Take Canada down like you did everyone else. Will I be slightly sad that I have to break my allegiance to Kirby Dach for the duration of this game and the hours after? Yes I am sad but that is the price you must pay for fame and glory. Sorry Kirb.

I don’t know about y’all but I am going to blare the Victory Song (above) all. day. long. Today is a great day to win a hockey game.

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