Choose Your NWHL Team! A Quick Guide to the NWHL and their Teams

The NWHL’s bubble season is upon us and if you’re new here, I’m here to help you learn some more about the league and their teams. Over the past week, I’ve been making quick little videos to give you the gist on the National Women’s Hockey League and their teams.

Sometimes, getting into a new sport/league can be overwhelming and difficult. There’s so much information and it can be hard to find. Fear not, below are 1-2 minute videos where I’ll give you season previews and players to watch for this upcoming NWHL Bubble season!

Fair warning, I start very stilted in these videos but I promise I get less and less awkward as this goes on. These were also uploaded daily to my twitter so it’ll say “Tomorrow…” at the end but just scroll down for the next one.

Now before we get into teams, let’s talk about the National Women’s Hockey League in general:

The best site for quick stats and rosters, I’ve found, is Elite Prospects. On their NWHL main page, they have a ton of stats and links to each team. You can subscribe to the NWHL’s Twitch pages to watch live games here and here. Subscribe to both because if games overlap, one will be on NWHL 2. They also stream lots of interviews and little player segments on there. If you want to watch some old games/highlights, subscribe to the NWHL’s YouTube page.

To keep up with the league, check out their website and Twitter account. All around great, engaging content from them! I’ve been blogging about the NWHL for a while so you can read the blogs I’ve written here.

For the following videos, I went in alphabetical order. Each team I gave a brief preseason prediction for and 3 players to watch.

Boston Pride

First up to bat was the Boston Pride. I think the Pride will be on top of this league one again this year. I told you to watch Lovisa Selander, Jillian Dempsey, and McKenna Brand. Also keep on eye out for Kaleigh Fratkin, Sammy Davis, Lexie Lang, and Christina Putigna – they’ll be clutch for the Pride this season too.

Here is a link to the Pride’s Elite Prospect page. Here’s my blogs about them. Once again, if you like the Pride, follow them on Twitter.

Buffalo Beauts

The Buffalo Beauts are next up. My 3 players were Taylor Accursi, Marie-Jo Pelletier, and Carly Jackson but also note Brooke Stacey and Jordan Juron. The Beauts might need another season before they’re considered contenders once more so I don’t think they’ll make it to the semifinals this year.

The Beaut’s Elite Prospects is here. Once again, my blogs. Lastly, give the Beauts a follow on Twitter.

Connecticut Whale

3rd up, the Connecticut Whale. I think this is the most improved roster of the past off-season. They’ll definitely be a big improvement over last season. I told you to watch Shannon Doyle, Emma Vlasic, and Amanda Conway but throw in Brooke Wolejko, Elena Orlando, and Kayla Friesen for good luck.

If you made it here, you know the drill. Elite Prospects. My blogs. Their twitter page – top notch follow.

Metropolitan Riveters

Now for my 2nd favorite team in the NWHL, the Metropolitan Riveters. My 3 players were Madison Packer, Kelly Babstock, and Saroya Tinker but not gonna lie, this whole roster is a Must Watch (especially those three and Rebecca Morse, Bridgette Prentiss, and Rebecca Russo).

You know the routine: Elite Prospects, my blogs, and follow them on Twitter (once again 10/10 content).

Minnesota Whitecaps

Noooow, time for my favorite team in the NWHL, the Minnesota Whitecaps! The Caps are gonna kick ass this season, no if, and, or buts about it. 3 players to watch: Amanda Leveille, Amanda Boulier, and Allie Thunstrom but also Winny Brodt-Rosenthal, Corinne Buie, and Emma Stauber.

Here we go: Elite Prospects, My blogs, and follow the Whitecaps on Twitter.

Toronto Six

Now onto the newest team with the NWHL, the Toronto Six. The Six are headed into their very first season with the NWHL but things are definitely looking in their favor. Sam Ridgewell, Emily Fluke, and Lindsay Eastwood are the three players to watch as well as Emma Greco, Emma Woods, and Brooke Boquist.

Last time, say it with me now: Elite Prospects, my blog, and follow the Six on Twitter.

This season is gonna be massive for the NWHL and I simply cannot wait for it to start. We’re 19 (18?) days from the start of the bubble (January 23rd) and the hockey is gonna be electric. If you have any questions about the NWHL or teams, feel free to DM me on Twitter. For now, which team do you choose? Who will you cheer for in this 2021 NWHL Bubble season up at Ye Olde Lake Placid?

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Featured Image: Logos via the NWHL

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