Did Someone Say More Outdoor Hockey?!

It was a weird January 1st without hockey. For the past 2 years, I’d traveled to the annual NHL Winter Classic and this year I was stuck at home. I love the outdoor games. It’s hockey in the purest form, the way the game was founded. Call me cliche all you want- buzz off, I love it. But the sadness over amazing games lost did not last long.

Earlier today, the news came out that the NHL will be playing at least 2 outdoor games this season. On February 20th, the Colorado Avalanche will face the Vegas Golden Knights out at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort, which if on the Nevada-side of Lake Tahoe. The next day, the Boston Bruins will face the Philadelphia Flyers on that same ice.

Both of these games are going to be an absolute shitshow. Colorado and Vegas have been building up a rivalry since Vegas joined the NHL and they’re both talented teams. I don’t like Vegas so go Colorado on this one. Sure, Colorado and Vegas will be chippy but the Bruins vs Philly game will be that on coke, Ritalin, and an extra shot of espresso just for shits and giggles. Both of those teams are incredibly physical and they have some of the best pests in the NHL. Of the two games, this is the one I cannot wait to watch.

Training camps for the NHL season start up January 3rd and it’s so nice to finally have NHL hockey on the horizon. This season is going to be weird and difficult but it’ll be good to have it back, especially with the spice of some bonus outdoor games.

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