I’m Jealous of the Anaheim Ducks for One Reason, and One Reason Alone

I’ve never been jealous of the Anaheim Ducks a day in my life. I don’t like California in general, they’ve been pretty bad besides 1 Cup. I never really cared for them. Sadly, I have found one single reason to be jealous.

It’s a 6’0″, 170lbs, centre reason. Trevor Zegras has been absolutely lighting up the World Juniors these past few days and I’m jealous he doesn’t play for one of my teams. Zegras was drafted 9th overall in 2019 by the Ducks. At BU last season, he put up 36 points (11G 25A) in 33 games. Now, he’s on a tear at the WJC. Today, in the 7-0 US victory, he had 2 goals that were absolute snipes as well as 3 assists.

He’s signed to play with the Duck’s AHL team this season and there’s no doubt in my mind that he lights it up there too. He’s got a wicked shot, he’s a great two-way player, and it’ll be no time before he’s called up to the NHL. And I’m praying on every Hockey God that it’s not against one of my teams.

Team USA has been, in and of itself, electric but this kid is a big reason why.

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Featured Image: TSN

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