Kirby Dach is Out 4-5 Months and All of My Hawks Hopes Are Dead

Brought to you from my bedroom floorKirby Dach is out 4-5 months after having surgery to repair his fractured right wrist and the Hawks have barely any hope going into this season.

This off-season, we lost Drake Caggiula and Brandon Saad (EDIT: How the fuck did I forget we lost Crawford too??). Alex Nylander is out (he’s better than nothing). Dylan Strome has yet to re-sign. And now, light of my life, sweet summer child, and savior of this city, Kirby Dach is gonna miss 5 months (about the whole regular season) of his sophomore year due to injury.

I have no hope. I try and stay positive and be a little hopeful, even at the lowest points, but I have nothing now. Dach was the one shining spot I was excited to see this season. He started off so great in the NHL and he was bound to do amazing again. Sure we have Alex DeBrincat and Kaner to marvel at but it stings to watch another top notch season for them just sink down the drain because the supporting cast is -let’s call a spade a spade- a disaster. I never want to talk shit about my beloved team, I’m not about that, but oh boy am I not looking forward to this season anymore. I think I’m going to just accept fate and take every single win I can get.

Feel better soon Captain Kirb, I’ll miss you.

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Featured Image: Chicago Tribune

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