Bah Humbug: Kirby Dach Is Out of the World Juniors

I’m sad.

Kirby Dach, who was just named captain of team Canada and is one of my favorite players, is done for the rest of the World Juniors. Dach had an awkward hit last night during an exhibition game against Russia. He was put through exams today and he’s got a fractured wrist.

The poor kid went through all the quarantine, was given the great honor of being named captain in his last World Juniors, and he played in half an exhibition game before he was injured on an awkward hit. I feel so bad for him. You go through all that and now you’re stuck in Edmonton on Christmas.

Not to mention, it’s unknown if he’ll miss any NHL time. He’s one of the saving graces the Hawks have right now so losing him for any amount of time is gonna sting. I hope he recovers quickly and is ready to start his sophomore season soon. He’s a great kid with a bright future ahead of him, can’t wait to see him on the ice again.

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Featured Image: Chicago Blackhawks

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