NWHL Has Partnered With NBC And We Will Have Women’s Hockey On TV!

It’s 8:15 AM and I am in tears. Good tears though! The NWHL has just announced that they’ve partnered with NBC Sports and we will have women’s hockey on our TVs. NBCSN will broadcast the Isobel Cup Semifinals and Final on February 4th-5th. On February 4th, the games will be at 5:30PM ET and 8 PM ET then on the 5th the Isobel Cup Final will be at 7PM ET.

The NWHL is finally getting the showcase they deserve. After such a historic year for women’s leagues where all we saw was exponential growth and support through exposure, the NWHL finally getting their chance in the spotlight. It’s time to show the world that this league is legit, that these athletes are legit.

I am hoping on every God I know that we’ll have a Toronto Six/Boston Pride game on one of those nights. I just said how important it is to have these rivalries and storylines to get people in, if people saw how chippy and deep this rivalry runs, guarantee return viewers. I can’t wait to have the world exposed to Madison Packer, Emily Fluke, Kaleigh Fratkin, and Emma Vlasic. There is so much talent in this league and it’s about to be on one of the biggest stages in the hockey world.

People will finally see that these women aren’t some act to throw in the middle of an All-Star game. These women work their bag off every day to do that they love – play hockey. Just like any player in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, etc. does, these women do it with significantly less resources. They’ll see that there is a real, viable league on this continent no matter what the PWHPA has said. This is the NWHL’s time. From here on out, things are going to get so good. This exposure can not only bring in more fans but more sponsorship, more content, more growth. It’s a great day to be a hockey fan.

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