The NHL Is Close to Being Back? Maybe?

Earlier today, the NHL dropped the dates for the upcoming 2020-21 season. 56 games, 4 new divisions, and plenty of rivalries to keep us entertained for weeks.

Although we have a more clear lookout on the horizon, my skepticism is remaining intact. I wrote a while back about the possibility of this season starting up on January 13th and I think that’s a good dream but I highly doubt this will go smoothly. I think there’s just a lot of variables involved that can change or go wrong and to get it together this quick doesn’t seem highly plausible in my mind. I think the NHL can get this done but I don’t think we’ll see games as soon as the 13th. Without a secure bubble like last time, at least one team is bound to get COVID. We’ve seen it with other pro leagues and colleges teams.

It’s going to be unsteady and a bit of a mess. I’m happy hockey will likely be back soon. I can’t wait to watch the Tkachuks terrorize Canada. Having Philly/Pittsburgh/Washington play one another 8 times will be entertaining as all hell. I’m excited to watch the Central division tear each other apart. I’m not getting my hopes up so soon but it’ll be nice to have the NHL back.

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