Start Your Friday With Dallas Beating The Avs in Game 7

I miss the Dallas Stars a little extra today. With all the hockey talks going on recently, I’ve been missing having NHL games on my TV. I love college hockey but it’s so hard to find some games and the style of play isn’t the same. So to get our hockey fix in and start the weekend, here are highlights from one of the most electric games from the Bubble Playoffs.

Game 7 of Round 2 between the Stars and the Avs was absolute insanity. This was the game that Joel Kiviranta was seared him into Dallas Stars Folk Lore, the goal from Andre Burakovsky slapped the absolute life out of me for 20 minutes, and one of many OT’s for Dallas that took 20 years off my life.

I also remember my grandma was over watching the game with me and I had to just keep censoring myself so I wasn’t dropping f-bombs every 4 words. (Every time someone was hit she’d jump and go “oh no”. Every time.)

NHL hockey, I miss you so much. Please be this electric when you come back. Signed, an idiot that would kill for a Jamie Benn goal about now.

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Featured Image: BarDown

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