The NWHL Is Giving Us Exactly What We Need: A Boston/Toronto Rivalry

A rivalry in the NWHL is exaaaactly what we needed and oh boy is this about to be the best.

When it comes to hockey, Toronto and Boston have always had an intense rivalry and that has instantly transferred over to the NWHL. The Boston Pride and Toronto Six have started a heated rivalry before the Six have even played a single game. Although this started online, I just know they’ll add some gas to this fire when the games begin. Especially becauuuuse-

The Six have just snagged Emily Fluke from the Boston Pride. Fluke will be playing on her 3rd team in 4 seasons. Last year, she played in 23 games with the Pride, put up 27 points (9G 18A), and she was key to their success. Now she’ll head up North and set the standard for the Toronto Six.

The Hockey Gods really said “wanna know what? we need a little *spice*” and for that, I am grateful. The NWHL needed a strong story line, they needed some chaos to pull views and a classic Toronto/Boston Rivalry will do just that. Will I make memes to possibly incite a rivalry between my Minnesota Whitecaps and the Riveters? Yes but one more cup a coffee.

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