Souperman is Back!

Ilya Mikheyev, notorious soup lover and forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, can now add actor onto his resume.

Last season, Ilya became a hot topic when he talked about how much he loved soup in a post-practice interview. Twitter of course latched onto that and he earned the nickname Souperman. Although his season was derailed by a serious injury, he still finished up with 38 games and 23 points (8G 15A).

Campbell’s has really embraced Mikheyev. They named him Chief Soup Officer (whatever the hell that is) and he was even sent a little gift basket from Campbell’s. Now, he’s got his own commercial up there! His acting is pretty good too. Maybe after he’s done with hockey he cam remake that old Chef Boyardee rolling can commercial.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from video

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