Scotiabank Teams Up With PWHPA’s Calgary Team

Scotiabank will be sponsoring the PHWPA’s Calgary hub team and I’m ecstatic.

I’m not surprised by this, Scotiabank has always been a big supporter of the women’s game. They’ve sponsored countless hockey camps as well as backing the CWHL when it was still in operation. Scotiabank is also starting a mentorship program with the PWHPA to help grow the game. Having them sponsor Calgary’s team is gonna be great for the Dream Gap Tour and Association overall.

The PWHPA has done great grabbing some big time sponsorships this year. I mean in this off-season alone, they’ve gained a huge sponsorship from Secret, Canadian Tire, and Sonnet (who sponsored the Toronto team) now mix in some Scotiabank and we’re off to the races.

Not to mention those jerseys are sick as fuck. We’ll be getting dates for the next Dream Gap Tour soon but when those games can actually happen is up in the air. Having to bounce between the US and Canadian border will be a gamble so we’ll just have to wait and see but another day, another victory.

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