Have You Heard Some of the Ingredients They Mix in Cocaine?

Yes, cocaine is bad for you. I know, mom, I listened in D.A.R.E. — but have you ever heard all the crazy shit they put in it? I never looked into this but TikTok teaches me new shit every day. Back in 2017, Gordon Ramsay did a video about how they make cocaine and apparently, they don’t just grind up coca leaves to make cocaine. The last time I took a science class was 2016, what did you expect me to think? Obviously, there’s the coca leaves (cocaine) but here’s some other shit they mixed in:

  1. Cement powder
  2. Sulfuric acid/water
  3. Gasoline
  4. Battery acid

We know coke is bad for you (don’t do drugs) but it’s like they took every single substance that you’ve ever been told not to touch and poured that into it. I don’t know if this was some Gordon Ramsay, anti-coke scare tactic for kids but it worked. I also never knew that coke could be a liquid. I guess that makes sense for Coca-Cola’s OG recipe but I just figured they ground it up and mixed it in. Here is the take away on this Friday morning:

  • Don’t do coke
  • Cocaine is more than meets the eye
  • Whenever Gordon Ramsay says fuck, an angel gets it’s wings

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Featured Image: Gfycat

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