This Is Not How I Wanted to Go Into Christmas

This was not how I wanted to go into the Christmas break. 3 game losing streak, 16 goals against, just 6 goals for. It was a far fall from the 4-0 start we had on the season.

Michigan is done till after the New Year and this was a painful way to go out. Losing 5 players to the World Juniors was also a thorn in our side, it’s hard to recover that quick. Too many penalties, so many chances with no goals. It was a tough series to watch for Michigan. Minnesota is a great team. They’re 8-0 on their season for a reason. But there were so many chances for Michigan to get even or at least get on the board and they missed the mark.

We started off so good but that kinda crumbled after Notre Dame. After we get people back from WJ, rest up, (and carb load) then we can come back strong for the second half. For now, I’m gonna stare at a wall and wonder why I pick teams that just break me apart.

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