Wisconsin’s Women’s Hockey is Done Until 2021

I was wrong about Wisconsin going on a tear because they’re done until January. The University of Wisconsin just announced that they will not be playing games until after the New Year due to – one guess. Your hint is: who is our judge, jury, and executioner, right now?

That’s right, ‘Rona.

It sucks that so many people have seemed to contract it on this organization. I hope everyone makes a full recovery. They were projected #1 and now they’ll be missing 6 games they desperately needed to win. They started the year 1-1 with their only series against THE Ohio State, I recapped that here. Their series against Minnesota, that was supposed to happen the 4th and 5th, was canceled because of ‘Rona as well so this isn’t out of the blue. We’ll just have to sit on our heels and wait for the next set of games to be announced.

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Featured Image: DAVID STLUKA, UW Athletic Communication

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