GREAT NEWS: NWHL Partners with Stathletes for 2021 Season

This is HUGE news! MEGA!

One of the toughest things about covering women’s hockey, for me at least, is that sometimes there is a lack of stats when I need them most. I haven’t taken a math class since 2017 so I am absolutely hopeless when I can’t find a certain stat I’m looking for. Fear not this season. This season, the NWHL will have Statletes and the brilliant mind of Meghan Chayka on their side to provide a deeper look into each game and player.

I knock advanced stats sometimes because people rely on them too heavily but I do love to look at and study them. They come in handy. Not to mention that having these advanced stats will help draw more people into the league because they’ll know more about certain teams and players.

“I’m thrilled to work on such an exciting tournament format with the NWHL. Women’s hockey is on the rise and my colleagues and I know that analytics will add another layer to this exciting event.”

Meghan Chayka, co-founder of Stathletes (x)

This is seriously like an early Christmas present. Deeper looks into all the teams and players we love, potentially more fans being pulled into the NWHL, and -oh yeah the most important thing – GROWTH for this league. I’m so excited for the bubble season to start January 23rd.

Saddle up, everyone. The NWHL is about to take the game to another level.

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Featured Image: The NWHL

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