The NHL Shooting Stars Competition to Remind You of Normalcy

There is absolutely nothing on TV at 5PM on a Saturday besides football so of course I commandeered my living room TV in favor for hockey highlights. At some point I threw on the entire 2020 NHL All-Star skills competition. Yes the entire fucking thing. The one event that I felt like bringing back to relevance was the Shooting Stars.

As you might be able to tell, Matthew Tkachuk is one of my favorite players in the league. BUT I am a proud Chicagoan and Cubs fan so every time it gets to the point where Tkachuk goes to take off his Flames jersey for the Cardinals one, I wish he wouldn’t. It’s like knowing a character dies in a movie but hoping that maybe they won’t die when you watch it this time around. Great guy, terrible taste in baseball teams.

There’s the tie between Kaner and Mitch Marner, the women take some shots. It’s a great video. It’s weird to think that all of that happened like a month and some change before quarantine hit. Overall, if you wanna feel some normalcy in your life, go re-watch this.

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Featured Image: Associated Press

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