Notre Dame Scores 3 Goals in 8 Minutes to Beat Arizona State

Never count Notre Dame out, baby! The Fighting Irish just put up 3 goals in the final 8 minutes in their second game of a back-to-back series with Arizona State to pull out the W tonight.

ND started strong with a 2-1 leas heading out of the first period, goals from Alex Steeves and Landon Slaggert (no surprise there) but in the 2nd period things unraveled quick. ASU put up 3 goals (two of which were from Matthew Kopperud) and kept a 2-4 lead over ND until those final 8 minutes of the game.

ND first tied up the game with 2 goals coming 1:17 apart. Then the final GWG was scored by Nick Leivermann with just 5 seconds left in the game.

The Fighting Irish have Ohio State on the 12th and 13th. They’re currently 2-4 while ND is 3-3. Honestly, it’s a coin flip. I think ND has worked out the kinks they had at the start of this season and now they’re gaining some speed. They’re going into this back-to-back with a W so that will hopefully help them keep rolling. If ND can keep Ohio’s puck out of the net in the first period and start off on the attack, I can see them doing well and winning. Either way, proud of the fighting Irish and I can’t wait to watch them kick more ass next weekend.

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