Crying About Kyle Schwarber at 3PM on a Thursday

The Cubs have cut Kyle Schwarber and oh boy am I cryin in the club right now. Although the Cubs also let go of Albert Almora, Schwarber was one of my favorite players. He could hit like no other and he had such a personality. He was a great guy and an amazing teammate. That 2016 will always have a special place in my heart. I remember where I was standing in my high school hallway when the Cubs posted that baller video to announce we’d have him back for the 2016 playoffs. It was like a 100W bolt of lightning to this roster and fan base. You knew that is he was hitting it, it was gone. Sianara. See ya on Sheffield. It was another reason to have hope that year.

He was a funny son of a bitch and this city loved him so much. Even through the ups and downs of injury and running droughts, he was the fuckin man. I’ll miss him a lot this year coming up. Thank you Schwarbs.

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