Strauss Mann is the Man

Where would Michigan be without Strauss Mann?? Not 5-2-0, that’s for sure. Strauss Mann, a junior at University of Michigan, has been absolutely dominating his crease so far this season. Michigan has been off to a hot start and Mann is a huge part of their success.

Strauss just faced 39 shots and he only let ONE (1) (UNO) goal get past him. Just 3 days ago, Strauss wrapped up a back-to-back where he faced 49 shots and stopped 44 of them over 2 games. He’s not just on a heater this week. To start the season, in the first 7 games of this season he’s made 162 saves with just 9 goals against.

This guy is the fuckin’ MAN(N)!

I implore you to take a gander at his accolades throughout the past year. Just scroll through and read some of the things that this kid has accomplished. I don’t see anything about him being drafted into the NHL and that’s a goddamn shame. This kid, if he chooses to continue on with hockey, is NHL worthy in my mind. Maybe a year in the AHL and if he’s still this dominant, call him up. Hell, Chicago has a goalie crisis going on, come on down I’ll start the fan club. He’s a magical player and a fantastic leader, any NHL team would be lucky to have him. Overall, what a start for Michigan and an even better one for Strauss Mann. I can’t wait for him to blow my mind again tomorrow.

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Featured Image:  Michigan Photography

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