BU Has A Player on Every NWHL Team and I Just Think That’s Neat

BU is one of the best hockey schools in the country – we all know that – but when it comes to BU’s women’s team, there is something untouchable about them. When you think of the schools that produce some of the best players, BU is among the top 3.

As a school, they haven’t found success in terms of NCAA championships. Since 2005, they’ve only made it to the playoffs twice but both were all the way to the Finals. The real success comes from the players who have filtered through their program. There is at least one BU alumni on every NWHL team right now.

The names on this list are some of the best players the NWHL has ever seen. Fratkin is 5th in All-Time points. Doyle is going into her final season after 6 long years with the Whale. Sammy Davis, 1st overall this past draft, has yet to play her first NWHL game but she’s going to fuck shit up and rule this league in no time.

This doesn’t even count players in other leagues. Marie-Philip Poulin, Canadian Captain and 2x Olympic gold medalist, played there. Victoria Bach was there. Abby Cook, Deziray De Sousa, Rebecca Leslie– all of them are successful and well known players. BU might not find NCAA success but they produce solid players and they’ll keep doing that for years to come.

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Featured Image: Carolyn Bick. © Carolyn Bick/BUNS 2014.

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