NWHL Riveters and Whitecaps Drop HOT New Jerseys

It’s sweater weather. The NWHL just dropped new jerseys for two of their teams and they’re all drop. dead. gorgeous.

I’ve always loved the Riveters’ jerseys. When they had the bright reds way back when (see photo below), those were my favorite. BUT these new away jerseys look so good, highly contemplating getting a Kelly Babstock one of those.

The Riveters old red jerseys

However, the Whitecaps are my girls and these new home jerseys might be the sexiest jerseys I’ve ever seen. I love the bottoms where it looks like a lake —Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, get it? — and that cerulean is one of my favorite colours. I seriously can’t wait to see the ‘Caps buzzing around Tria Arena in those bad boys.

With not a lot of hockey on, all we have is sick new jerseys to gawk at. You can help out the NWHL by hopping over to their shop and picking one up for the fan in your life. Get the Whitecaps jersey here and the Riveters jerseys here.

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Featured Image: Whitecaps Twitter

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