Finish Your Weekend With Wisconsin Destroying THE Ohio State

Listen, I just found out it was Sunday at 2PM. The weekend after a big holiday is some of the most confusing times of the year. Is it Sunday? Is it Friday? Who knows. All I know is I’m probably 10 pounds heavier and not very motivated to leave bed.

Here’s something else I know – Wisconsin is about to go on a tear.

Yesterday – Saturday – the Badgers shutout THE Buckeyes in an astounding 5-0 game. This game was full of big moments for the Badgers. Kennedy Blair, Wisconsin’s goalie, was awarded the first Star and rightfully so. She had her first win as a Badger as well as her first shutout with 28 saves. Then Sophie Shirley was the 2nd Star. In this game, Shirley got her 50th career goal in the 3rd period when on Friday, she get herself to 100 career points with Wisconsin. Overall, a fantastic weekend for her.

Catch some sick highlights here:

This game was a high-scoring with top notch energy – something we fully expected from them this year. They’re projected to be on top of this league and they’re doing just that. They’re 1-1 on the season but I expect them to really kick things up after this and soar. We all needed this weekend to re-calibrate into a new week. Start low and go high.

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