There is a Reason I Don’t Gamble


I don’t bet unless it’s on horses and Michigan is the reason why.

THE Ohio State and Minnesota game was a tossup but I had so much confidence going into this Michigan/Notre Dame series that it was almost embarrassing.

Michigan was undefeated going into Friday’s game and I ranted and raved about how they were gonna kill Notre Dame– a team I also like but don’t have a lot of confidence in right now. Well I guess I’ll go jump into the abyss because ND just swept Michigan at home. Friday’s game ended with a score of 2-3 in favor of ND and Saturday’s was 1-2 ND. Sure they were both very close scoring matches but Michigan just couldn’t get over that hump to pull themselves in front.

Goaltender/Co-captain Strauss Mann really stood on his head for Michigan both nights. Combined he stopped 44 of 49 total shots (18 total on Friday, 31 total on Saturday), without him who knows where this would have gone. Kent Johnson – who I was talking about the other day – is now leading the team in points with 8 (1G 7A) in 6 games and Jacob Truscott picked up his first collegiate goal tonight. Michigan needs to dust themselves off from this game and go on to Penn State in 3 days. Penn is God awful so please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t let this be your unraveling.

On the flip side, Notre Dame needs to remember this and ride this wave forward. They had a rough start to this season but they’ve got it together now so let’s keep it goin. They’re moving onto Arizona State next. Arizona just won their first game this season tonight. Because Wisconsin was down four forwards due to COVID, the Sun Devils really popped off in a 8-5 W. I think Notre Dame can handle them enough to pull off another win or two. Alex Steeves is doing what he does best and despite his slow start, Spencer Stastney will be up and running in no time.

Michigan has kinda edged out ND for my number 1 team but I still want them both to kick people’s asses in this final stretch to Christmas. I learned a valuable lesson this week. Now that I’m 21 and it’s legal, I shouldn’t gamble. Doesn’t matter the stats or the odds, I lead with my heart and not my head. I am not a gambler (unless it’s horses).

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