The NWHL Will Have a Bubble Season at Lake Placid

“The continued challenges brought by the pandemic resulted in a mandate for our league, players and partners to collaborate on creating a controlled environment protecting the health of everyone involved. At a time of hyper-growth for girls’ and women’s hockey, we see this season as a celebration of the sport. This will be a historic moment as the hallowed arena that was the site of the “Miracle on Ice” in 1980 hosts its first women’s professional championship. It is a proud moment for the NWHL, the players, and all hockey fans.”

Tyler Tumminia, NWHL Interim Commissioner (x)

Perhaps the coolest news coming out of the NWHL today — The NWHL’s 6th season will be hosted in a bubble at Lake Placid, New York. Lake Placid is the Mecca of American Hockey and having what’s going to be a groundbreaking NWHL season there will just add to it’s legacy.

The NWHL is teaming up with NY’s State Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) to get this season done successfully and safely. Both the NWSL and WNBA hosted successful bubble seasons and I’m sure the NWHL will as well.

Starting January 23rd, the season will commence and consist of 5 regular season games per team -one against each other NWHL team. From there, a small playoff round will happen and from that, the 4 teams going to the Isobel Cup Semifinals will be decided. We’ll have a single-game elimination to the Cup Finals. And on February 5th, the Isobel Cup will be raised once more.

One thing that is literally jumping off the page at me is how every player, even if they opt-out, will be paid in full. That is a huge step for the NWHL. 95% of player have committed to the bubble but even if they can’t, they have one less thing to worry about.

This is MASSIVE for the NWHL. Playing in a place like Lake Placid, having this season still happen, and being able to fully compensate very player is a lot of great things there didn’t seem possible over 2 seasons ago. Plenty of new talent and returning studs to absolutely blow last season out of the water. The Whale have been loading up their roster for Doyle’s last ride, the Pride are fighting to keep their dominance over this league, and the Beauts have been making some quiet signings that are gonna make a big time difference. You are not gonna wanna miss this season.

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