Utah Has a Bridge for Animals to Cross the Expressway and It’s Adorable

This is perhaps the cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

Over in Utah, they built a bridge a bridge over I-80 that allows animals to cross the expressway safely. Apparently this bridge was completed in December of 2018 but they’ve recently been able to collect some videos of little critters closing over the bridge (See Video Above). It’s a smart idea. This year, the number of roadkill across the US has been down because of ‘Rona but the number of animals (and people) killed by collision on the expressway is staggering. I think it would be smart to have these across the US especially somewhere like West Virginia where you’re straight up weaving through mountains.

Overall, adorable video, love the idea. Just watching the little baby deer and coyotes cross over the bridge is adorable.

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Featured Image: Screenshot

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