It’s a Great Day to Beat Ohio State (Again)

Another day, another hockey game. The only NCAA hockey game on the docket that I really care about is Minnesota vs THE Ohio State. Yesterday, Minnesota shut out Ohio in a 4-0 victory. Minnesota had 2 goals from co-captain Grace Zumwinkle, and one from Josey Dunne and one from Taylor Wente. They just let the girls play yesterday, only 3 penalties were called and 2 of those were a Too Many Men call. I think today’s game will be another one like that- high energy, entertaining as hell, and (hopefully) ended with Ohio State’s defeat. Minnesota is a stacked, smart team and I think they can beat Ohio State again today.

The game starts at 2:07PM CT but once again the BIG10’s money hungry asses won’t let me watch this so catch me listening to it on the radio like it’s the 60’s.

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