Gaby Roy Just Put Up 4 Goals in Her First Collegiate Game

BC kicked UNH to the curb with a winning score of 6-2. Four of those 6 goals came from BC Freshman Gaby Roy, a 18 year old forward playing in her first collegiate game. Talk about a stellar start to your career.

Roy just put 3 goals past one of the best goalies in the nation (1 was an empty netter). She has a brilliant career a head of her and she’s definitely going to be one of my key players to watch. BC was relentless and they just beat one of the best goalies in the nation so I think they’re gonna have a great season. BC and UNH play one another tomorrow at 3:30PM CT and you’ll be able to watch that – and all Hockey East games – on this site.

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Featured Image:  BC

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