Braden Holtby and His Tortoises Have Made It Into Canada

In case you haven’t been around the past few days, Braden Holtby, the Vancouver Canucks new goalie, has spent stuck at the US/Canadian Border for two days because he couldn’t get into the country with his family’s two pet tortoises, Honey and Maple. They were missing some form of paperwork so Canada hasn’t let Holtby or the two tortoises in. But in the meanwhile, Holtby’s wife, Brandi, has been keeping the people updated on Twitter.

And from all of this, plenty of photoshops of Braden Holtby holding two tortoises have floated around Twitter and those might have been my favorite.

Now we just wait on photographic evidence from Brandi Holtby of poor Braden, stuck in the car with two tortoises and a cup of Timmy’s coffee.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot of this tweet

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