BC and UNH are about to kick off the NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey season (3:30PM CT) and I am so excited. I did my rankings just the other day and I have BC finishing 10th this season. They have great offensive power, but they’re facing off against one of the best goalies in the US over at UNH. If BC wants to start their season off right, they’ll need to be tough on the net. Regardless of who wins this one, this isn’t the only game happening tonight. However, there will be mass changes to the schedule.

Maine will play Holy Cross at 5PM CT. You can watch that here. Minnesota State will play Minnesota Duluth at 6:07 PM CT, you can watch their game here. (I have Holy Cross and Duluth for those two games.)

Merrimack and Providence were supposed to play one another but their series (both today and tomorrow’s games) has been postponed. Providence will instead play UConn in a home-and-home series tomorrow and Sunday. UConn was supposed to play Vermont tonight and tomorrow but they’re obviously not doing that anymore. It was announced the other day that St. Cloud and Bemdji would not play one another because of COVID.

This is just how things are going to be now. Nothing is certain, everything is a mess. These girls are putting everything on the line to go out and play so I’ll support them unconditionally and you should too. Women’s hockey is back tonight, I’ll take that small victory.

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Featured Image:  John Quackenbos

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