The NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Just Dropped, Let’s Rank Them

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I am one of the hosts of our podcast, Ham Radio and also cousins with Abi and Jake. When we first started the podcast, I told Abi I would like to start blogging a little bit as well and after 3 months I think I’m ready to give it a go and there’s no better way to start than an old reblog. Abi gave you guys her 5 Reverse Retro Flops earlier today and I am here to build on that and rank all 31 jerseys by splitting them up into 5 distinct categories.

I have been very excited about this release as soon as some of the leaks started coming out about a month ago and for the most part, I’m glad to say they delivered. So without further adieu, here are your NHL Reverse Retro Jersey rankings:

Hot Garbage

Chicago – It pains me to say this because I love the Blackhawks so much, but these jerseys stink. I hated when they did this logo for the Winter Classic a few years ago and I still hate it now. The Blackhawks have such an iconic logo that the best move they could have done was just use the classic Indian Head on the black jersey like they used as an alternate in the late ’90s/early ’00s. Big swing and a miss here, but what else is new when it comes to the Blackhawks lately.

Columbus – It’s tough when you don’t have a lot of history to pull from, but these reds are just gross. Use this OG logo on the OG blue and call it a day. Don’t get too cute with it.

Detroit – The Original 6 squads have a tough task because their jerseys haven’t changed much over the years, but like Chicago, Detroit has too iconic of a logo to play with. Just use the classic Winged Wheel (maybe make it a little smaller) and stick with the red and white. The silver striping is disgusting and there’s not nearly enough red for the RED Wings. These look like shitty practice jerseys from Play it Again Sports. Mike Ilitch has to be rolling over in his grave right now.

St. Louis – Another botched color scheme. These early ’90s Gretzky era jerseys get a lot of hate and I don’t know why. Sure the clean look they go with now is very nice and simple, but I don’t hate these jerseys… if they were blue like the old days.

Vancouver – Vancouver! Come on you had the right answer staring you in the face and you went with this shit show?!? Just give the people what they want and put out the Bure era skate blade jerseys. Not this tie-die acid trip bullshit.

Anaheim – I’m glad they went with the old color scheme instead of the terrible orange, black, and gold shit they roll out with these days, but this logo sucks! I don’t know if it’s a licensing issue with Disney or what, but how do you not go with the Bombay Ducks jerseys?


Boston – The definition of just whatever. Luckily for Boston they didn’t fall into the Original 6 trap that Detroit and Chicago did and tried to do too much. A classic look, but nothing fancy. As meh as meh gets.

Edmonton – Another jersey that doesn’t need a whole lot of tweaking, but because of that they fall into the meh category. I wouldn’t have hated if they incorporated the big oil drop from the early ’00s or if they had made these any color other than white.

Nashville – I’ve never been a big fan of Nashville’s jerseys so unfortunately for them this was as high as their ceiling would allow. Having said that, I think they did a good job with these. I like the incorporation of the silver, but I wish they would have done blue instead of yellow. At least they didn’t do the puke yellow. Baby steps I guess.

New York Islanders – Basically their same jerseys, just navy blue instead of royal. When the leaks came out people thought they might go with the fisherman logo which would have been sick, but I guess they wanted to honor their dynasty from the ’80s. Stop living in the past and give the people what they want.

Philadelphia – Should’ve gone with the Lindros era black jerseys in my opinion. Maybe they don’t want to remember the time their best player in franchise history had his brain turned into a bowl of soup by Scott Stevens, but I digress. It’s a classic logo: hard to screw up, but I was expecting more.

Pittsburgh – I love when teams go with the block letters diagonally across the chest, but it really only works on dark jerseys. This look was originally on Pittsburgh’s black jerseys back in the day and it was clean as hell. On the white background it’s just kinda boring. At least they didn’t go with the stupid penguin in the triangle look from the mid ’90s. Those jerseys sucked all the butts and they were right to go back to the modern day skating cartoon penguin. He’s just adorable.

Toronto – Another classic Original 6 logo that’s hard to screw up. The way the leaf is cut it almost looks like the Canadian flag leaf which is a nice touch. Woulda liked to see them give the leaf some more texture like some of their old logos have or if they wanted to get really crazy with it, they could’ve gone with a green St. Pats jersey. That would’ve been filthy, but alas they didn’t. That’s how you get yourself stuck in the meh category.

Vegas – Cool jersey, but they have no history to go off of so this is as high as I’m willing to rank them. Better than those stupid 24K gold shit shows they just released though.

You Were So Close

Carolina – This will be a theme within this category as the title states, but they were so close to nailing this. The Hartford Whalers logo, the cute little whale on the shoulder. Just couldn’t get it into the end zone. Gray???? Are you kidding me with that shit. Make it white or blue, it’s not that hard. Solid jersey, just couldn’t get it 100% right.

Dallas – I’m shocked to see Abi had this as one of the flops because I know she loves everything Dallas Stars, but she is right. They did the right thing and brought back the glory days logo, but how do you not go all the way and make the cuts below the star accent striping green? And once again with the silver? The Patrik Stefan of jerseys right here. They had the empty net, it just hopped over their stick at the last second.

Minnesota – I hate to admit it, but I was one of those people that for probably the first 20 years of the Wild’s existence I didn’t realize that their logo was also the outline of a bear head. I just thought it was a picturesque setting of a forest. Now that someone has pointed that out to me I have flipped from hating their logo to thinking it’s one of the sicker logos in the league. Having said that, it’s not nearly as good as the North Stars logo. It’s great to see that they went back to the North Stars colors and I’m even fine with them keeping the Wild logo for this jersey, but you have to put the North Stars logo on the shoulder at least. This was probably the closest I came to bumping one of these to the next category, but without any respect for the North Stars I just couldn’t do it. Mike Modano deserves better than that.

New Jersey – I’m a big fan of when the Devils incorporate the green into their jerseys, but this is just a little too much. They’re gonna look like Christmas trees skating around out there. Dial back the green into an accent color and these are golden.

Ottawa – Ottawa hasn’t done much right when it comes to hockey over the past few years, but this jersey is a step in the right direction. I’ve always loved the old Senator head logo, but this jersey just doesn’t have the accents I would want. Way too much red going on here. Should’ve gone with black shoulders and this jersey could have been bumped up a category as well.

San Jose – Is gray and silver the next big thing? I just don’t get it, but here’s another one that totally botched the color scheme. I’m a big fan of the slanted striping on the sleeves that we used to see on the Sharks back in the ’90s and ’00s but this jersey has to be teal or black. It just has to be. Also, I was hoping they would go with some sort of California Seals play here. I love the Seals jerseys and I saw that as a possible leak for the Sharks. I wish they would have done some sort of crossover like other teams did where they either went Seals colors with a Sharks logo or Sharks colors with a Seals logo. Seems like a missed opportunity to bring back one of the best logos and color schemes in the game.

Winnipeg – Are you sensing a pattern? I don’t like gray jerseys. You go with the old school Jets logo and then put it on a color pallet that you don’t even use in modern day? Either commit to full old school or do a crossover. Don’t just pull a new color scheme out of your ass!

Very Solid, No Complaints

Buffalo – I talked earlier how I love the crossover aspect of some of these. Buffalo does it really well. I love the crossed sabre look and the “Buffalo” on the bottom. They also have the Mike Peca/Dominik Hasek era buffalo logo on the shoulder and mixed it with today’s color scheme. This was one of my favorite alternates from the ’90’s and they mixed it perfectly with today’s era. You should probably just pencil Jack Eichel in for a hat trick every time they wear these.

Calgary – The fiery dragon is a great alternate logo and I think it looks best on the black jersey so this is a solid play. I hope they make the “A” look like the flaming “A”s that they normally have. I always thought that was a nice touch.

Florida – I hate the Panthers new logo that makes them look like a European soccer team so going back to the leaping Panther was a no brainer. I also always thought the blue jerseys were better than the red ones so I’m glad they went that route. Once again going back to their team’s golden era (although it’s kinda sad that their golden era lasted like 2 seasons). Maybe this new jersey can finally push Barkov and the boys into the playoffs and playoff Bobrovsky can let their 12 fans down in a whole new way.

Los Angeles – Purple is the color of royalty. Kings are royalty. Need I say more. Combine it with the Gretzky era logo and this is a very solid jersey.

New York Rangers – I know a lot of people hate this logo, but I have always thought this logo is sick. For the most part I hate when Original 6 teams go away from their original logos, but this one just works for me. Traditionally, the Rangers go with “Rangers” diagonally across the chest which I already said I love. They are the only Original 6 team who doesn’t really use a logo per se on their jerseys so I don’t mind it when they switch it up. I also wouldn’t have minded if they would have went with the Rangers shield from the ’70s or if they went with “New York” across the chest diagonally. They would have had a really hard time screwing this up.

Tampa Bay – The Lightning are another team that did a great job with a crossover scheme. The early ’00s logo with today’s color scheme just works perfectly here. The 2 best eras of your franchise perfectly blended to form a fire jersey. Good job Tampa!

Pure Sex

Arizona – Ok now we’re getting into the jerseys that just exude raw sexual magnetism and no better place to start than the Arizona Coyotes. I mean come on. Tell me you didn’t look at these and go 6 to midnight (guys) or turn your living room into a slip and slide (ladies). The kachina dog is just so iconic. It was so universally hated when they came out that the entire world flipped and started to love them. I wish they would have gone with the full dog with the hockey stick, but that’s ok because there is just so much to love here. The purple? I know I said earlier that teams should either stick with their current color scheme or go with their old school ones, but this is just so preposterous that it works. The trim on the bottom with the desert skyline with the moon and the cacti? cactuses? IDK but I know it works. This jersey is like a dog that’s so ugly, its cute. There’s so much going on that make this jersey so ugly that it turns it into a work of art. If you’re like me you don’t understand art, but I know this masterpiece belongs in the Louvre. This jersey is a 10/10.

Colorado – *Chef’s kiss* The best representation of the crossover style I like so much with these Reverse Retro jerseys. An all time logo in the Nordiques clashed with modern day Avalanche colors (which I think is a very underrated color scheme). This jersey is going to make Nate MacKinnon look even faster than he already is. The only regret I have is that we never got to see Peter Forsberg rock these beauties.

Montreal – Montreal did the best job of all the Original 6 teams in my opinion. They didn’t stray away from one of the most iconic logos in the world across any sport, while still introducing a new concept with the blue jersey. This is a classic look that just pops a little different than their normal jerseys. Like I said earlier, the Original 6 teams probably had the hardest job of anyone with these jerseys and Montreal absolutely nailed it.

Washington – My second favorite crossover concept comes from the Capitals. The flying eagle that we saw Peter Bondra whipping around in mixed with the modern day color scheme. This logo is so much better than the Capitals normal logo, but I like the modern color scheme better so this just pieces together for a perfect marriage. Ovi will have no problem potting 50 once again wearing these bad boys as he inches closer to Gretzky’s record. I don’t care if they play a shortened season, you can take it to the bank that Ovi will net 50+ on his way to another Rocket Richard award.

So there you have it folks. The definitive list of which teams crushed their Reverse Retro jerseys and which teams let out a wet stale fart. You can disagree with this list, but just know that you’re wrong. The council has spoken and that council will not hear anything to the contrary. I’d look for some big seasons out of the teams in the last 2 categories because as the old adage goes, “Look good, feel good, play good”.

I’d expect the Sabres to scrape together enough wins to not make Eichel demand a trade, the Flames might get enough consistent goaltending, the Panthers will finally live up to the preseason hype and cash as everyone’s sleeper pick, LA will draft at the back end of the lottery instead of the front for once, the Rangers will build on last years success and make the playoffs, the Lightning may repeat as Cup champs, the Coyotes won’t have a new scandal leaked this year, the Avalance will surround MacKinnon with enough depth to finally win him an MVP, Montreal will be less boring that I won’t turn off my TV when I’m watching them, and the Capitals will continue to be solid, while Ovi might recreate “The Goal” as he wears the same logo he was wearing when he scored that iconic goal.

For anyone who is still reading this, I appreciate you taking the time time to sit through this and listen to me babble. If you listen to the podcast you know I like to go on long winded rants so here is a daily dose in blog form. It was my first crack at it so let me know what you think.

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