RPI Has Canceled Their 2020-2021 Hockey Seasons

“As we navigate the global pandemic, we must make every effort to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the Institute community, and unfortunately, canceling the hockey seasons is prudent as we attempt to achieve that objective. It was a very difficult decision, and we share with our student-athletes and their families the disappointment and uncertainty that comes with this news. The administration will continue to offer support and guidance in every way we can to those affected.”

Dr. Lee McElroy, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics

Another college has announced that they will not be allowing winter sports to play, that includes men’s and women’s hockey. RPI, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has just made the official announcement not too long ago. RPI plays in the same conference as all the Ivy League schools so no surprise but still sucks. I feel like all I’ve been talking about is kids getting their seasons canceled and it’s straight up unfair. The D1 teams are trying to get their shit together but it’s still a mess:

I wish they could have sat down, figured out a direct plan together instead of everyone winging it and figuring out their own shit. Like have NCAA reps from every school on a Zoom call to figure out how they’re moving forward. The women’s season starts Friday and the men have already begun. To have 13 teams just shrugging their shoulders in the meantime has got to be annoying to the athletes and staff. I really hope the NCAA can figure this shit out and soon.

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