5 Reverse Retro Jersey Flops

The Reverse Retro jerseys are here and some of these bad boys are straight up flops. Let’s start.

#1: The Islanders just made the blue slightly darker and called it a day. Stole the Bears colour scheme – 0/10

#2: I was so excited for the OG Star logo to be back. I love that outline and I’ve made various mocks of how to bring that back. BUT the all white with silver doesn’t look as good as I originally thought. Hard to see but kinda hoping Jamie Benn gets in a fight wearing this one though – 3/10

#3: Toronto’s ones are boring TBH. Add some spice. Nice colours though – 5/10

#4: Detroit’s are also boring. 2/10

#5: I’ve made it clear how I feel about the Hawks changing their name. If they decide to do it, great, if they don’t, I’m not surprised. With this one, if you know how much hot water you’re in, probably best not to put that logo. I would have loved if they just put “Chicago” across the front like Pittsburgh’s have. Sure, we didn’t have that before but that would have looked sick on this sweater. Either way, I don’t care for this jersey that much. 5/10

There are some retros that look great but some of these just suck. I love Calgary’s and Vancouver’s, Montreal’s is sick too. Will I buy some? Perhaps but some of these I think teams will be fine without. Which jersey do you dislike most? Let me know on Twitter!

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