Day Two of Watching NCAA Hockey: Michigan Hasn’t Let Me Down Yet but It’s Early (+ND Lost Again)

Day 2 of being a NCAA Hockey fan and my future is looking a little brighter. Michigan steamrolled Arizona State and Notre Dame actually scored a goal. Hallelujah, I’m back baby!

First, University of Michigan versus Arizona State.

Because the BIG10 is some money hungry narcs, I couldn’t actually watch the Michigan vs Arizona State game today and BOY am I sad I missed it. (Also during that game I found out about Denny’s so Double Sadness).

Michigan destroyed Arizona State, 8-1. Matthew Beniers led the squad with 2 goals and the other 6 came from Owen Powers, Nick Blankenburg, Cameron York, John Beecher, Nicholas Granowicz, and Nolan Moyle. Kent Johnson didn’t have a goal BUT he put up 4 assists. Of Michigan’s 15 skaters, only 4 were without a point.

Arizona’s long goal came late in the 3rd from Ryan O’Reilly – no not that Ryan O’Reilly.

I luckily get their Sunday game so you bet your ass I’m gonna be sitting back and enjoying this one. Maybe if Michigan works a bit harder, they can get all of their skaters on the sheet. Wouldn’t that be something.

Now, onto Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Wisconsin shut out ND last night and they were close to doing it again. The game finished 5-3 in favor of Wisconsin and for the first 2 periods, it looked like we were gonna have another shutout. Wisconsin kept a 2-0 lead until about 5:30 left in the 2nd, Colin Theisen (pronounced like Tyson) quickly put ND in the race with two goals just 1:40 apart.

Shortly after, Brock Caufield of Wisconsin put the score at 3-2 and we went into the final period.

That’s when shit got interesting. ND tied it 3-3 pretty quick with the Hatty-Completing goal from Theisen at 7:57 in the 3rd. This goal is the highlight of the game for me. This video doesn’t do it full justice, but watch ND’s 16, Alex Steeves. Fiiiilthy mitts.

For a while, it looked like ND really had a chance. But Dylan Halloway had other plans and got Wisconsin up 4-3. Ryder Donovan kicked me while I was down and scored to make Wisconsin up 5-3 with 7:45 remaining.

As we got into the waning 6 minutes, shit hit the fan quick. Colin Theisen was thrown from the game for a Major (contact to the head on a hit on Cole Caufield). Then Wisconsin’s Roman Ahcan got a unsportmanlike conduct minor and Micheal Graham of ND got the same. To tie all these penalties in a bow, Linus Weissback of Wisconsin got a tripping call. The penalty clock and I were both confused but in that chaos, but no one could convert anyway so the game ended and Notre Dame’s season is off to a dogshit start.

I’m currently 1-2-0 on picks in NCAA hockey. Rough start? Yes but I think Michigan will be my saving grace. They’re the only BIG10 game on tomorrow (or tonight as I’m posting this at 12:30AM on Sunday) but Friday, November 20th, is gonna be lit. There’s 10 NCAA Men’s hockey games on the docket AND the women’s NCAA season’s starting with 6 games that night. I’m going to put in my preseason predictions for the women’s teams on Monday but let me tell you that I cannot wait.

I get now why my family loves college football. These kids are fighting tooth and nail for a dream and you just love to see it. Also, I’m their age so same bros. I’m excited, more games and blogs to come so be sure to follow me and Ham Sports on Twitter.

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