An Obituary to My Denny’s

(Start playing this before reading)

2020 just got even worse. The Local Denny’s has closed down. My Local Denny’s was a pillar of my personality. It was my go-to spot, my home base, the place that changed me from a boy to a man (figuratively).

The Local Denny’s was a place of family, of friendship. Most of my closest relationships were grown in this Denny’s. I went to this Denny’s after my dance recitals, my Prom, even when I made this blog. I used to sit in there for hours and write blogs for this site. Hell, I wrote a blog in March about how relieved I was that they were staying open.

And now, it’s gone. Sure there’s the one south on that road but that’s place isn’t My Denny’s. The Other Denny’s doesn’t have the aura that My Denny’s had. My Denny’s was the kind of place where someone had definitely been murdered there but their soul haunted the place, in a friendly way. It was haunted and chaotic, full of a cast of characters, and felt like a warm safe hug.

Goodbye My Denny’s, you served me well and I’ll never forget you. On my birthday, I’ll do shots in the parking lot in your memory. We lost a real one today.

To close out this blog, in 2017 I asked a friend of mine to paint the Denny’s logo on my back “In Harambe Clouds” and it works today. Fly High, My Denny’s.

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