Tim Hortons’ Partners With Barbie to Launch Nurse and Poulin Barbie Dolls And I’ve Considered Driving to Canada to Buy Them

Beautiful! Spectacular! Magnificent!

Just yesterday, Tim Hortons announced they were partnering with Barbie to create dolls that looked like Sarah Nurse and Marie-Philip Poulin, two of Canada’s best hockey players. The dolls along with donuts and player cards are available at Tim Hortons’ restaurants and all the proceeds from the dolls go to supporting the growth and stabilization girls’ hockey in Canada. I shit you not if I had a passport (and it wasn’t a pandemic) I’d be hopping the border right now to go buy them.

We’ve seen with the PWHPA, which both Nurse and Poulin are apart of, that giving young girls the chance to see a future in pro sports is important. I talked about what I saw and how important the exposure is when I was at the Dream Gap Tour last year. There is a future for women’s hockey but we have to help stabilize that dream now so these girls have a league to turn to when they’re older. We need to help stabilize leagues like the NWHL so that these girls don’t give up their dreams when they’re 10, 15 years old. For them to have partners like Tim Hortons and Barbie, showing the world that women do belong in hockey and contributing to this goal, this is going to do some great things for the future.

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Featured Image: CNW Group/Tim Hortons

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