Be Happy About Today’s Step Forward

GREAT news for baseball and women everywhere: the MLB has hired their first female GM, Kim Ng. Kim Ng is a woman who started as an intern and worked her way up to the top, making history as the first female GM in American Sports History. She’s an icon that’s going to inspire thousands of kids around the world. I’m so happy about this news and I think that Kim will do fantastic things for the Marlins.

Here’s my beef.

This is something to be happy, ecstatic, excited, marveled about. This is amazing for sports in general. But the people on Twitter clogging my timeline, complaining – not about a woman being hired – but about how this should have happened years ago, quit bitching. A few women, who are prominent in their sport/reporting, have just been bitching about how this should have happened years ago and how they’re mad about people celebrating when there’s still so much to do. Shut up and celebrate the win. Has she been a great candidate for plenty of organizations over the course of the years? Yes, she has and sure it sucks that she was passed up other times.

But be happy that this finally happened.

Be happy that future generations of young kids actually have someone to look up to. We always talk about how we need to build a better world for future generations and now, we’re going that. We’re making this world better for the kids who come after us – even for the girls my age who want to be the GM of a team one day. Be happy that we’re finally, finally seeing change.

Quit complaining about how long it took. Quit complaining about people being happy that this is finally happening. Be fucking happy. Good things are happening, change is coming across the board, this is a big day. For today, be. Happy.

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