Word Is Ivy League Hockey Won’t Have a Winter Season

We’re waiting on official word but it’s looking like ivy league schools are cancelling winter sports, aka hockey, due to ‘Rona. Bucci Mane as well as College Hockey News have tweeted about this and said the official announcement is coming at 6PM (probably Eastern time).

It sucks to see. Just yesterday, Hockey East announced their season and now kids playing at colleges such as Harvard and Yale are gonna miss out on what could be a crucial season for them. I’m sure at least one of those schools will have student-athletes fighting against this, like RIT’s men’s hockey team is doing. If the season can be done safely, even a short one, then they should do it. A lot of kids at these bigger schools, like I said about RIT, could be fighting for a scholarship that keeps them attending that school. Quite a few of these athletes go onto become pros. A lot of these athletes have so much, if not everything, to lose. Losing out on a whole season, in and of itself, is a huge loss for them. If the students protest, you bet your ass I’ll support them.

Refresh your feed around 6/7c but let’s hope for the best.

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Featured Image: Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

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