The Boston Pride Have New Jerseys that are Killer

It’s new jersey season. I’ve written like 15 blogs about new jerseys recently but these are top notch.

The Boston Pride, one of the original teams with the NWHL, just rolled out these new threads and I think they’re killer. Those away jerseys are so hot, that ombre from yellow to black is so cool. I don’t particularly like the different logos but I think it works for Boston. They’re coming off a hot season where they went 23-1 so some new threads are a great way to start fresh.

You can get these beauties right here. They have customs (I’m so getting a Hamilton 88) or you can get a jersey one one of your favorite Pride players. I’m adding it onto my list of “jerseys to buy when employed again” because those might be the hottest sweaters in women’s hockey.

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