Hockey East is Back Baby!

Hockey East is officially back! They just dropped their full schedule and streaming information and just in time to start planning your weekends. All the full information is here but I’ll sum it up for you real quick. The men’s team will be playing 20 games while the women play 18 games that count towards the standings. The organization will also have “Flex Weekend” where the teams will play but they won’t count towards the standings.

I’m a Midwesterner but you bet your ass I’m gonna find a way to watch these games. If you’re in the Northeastern (New England) US, plenty of games will be broadcast on NESN and NESN+. BUT if you’re not, like me, ViacomCBS Digital will apparently be showing the games. (Pardon me while I dig through Google trying to find how the fuck ViacomCBS works.)

There is gonna be more info coming soon with specifics but hey hockey is back this weekend! I wish there were more women’s games being broadcast after December 13th. Maybe when more info comes out there will be but with the way Northeastern is stacking up, I don’t want to miss a single game. ESPECIALLY after they dropped the sickest hype video I’ve seen in a while.

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Featured Image: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

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