NHL Getting Even More Jerseys

The NHL are getting more Reverse Retro jerseys.

Can’t say I’m mad, I always like a sick sweater so now that every team is getting them, I think it’s gonna be awesome.

As a Stars fan, I HOPE they bring back the big Star that goes around the jersey. No like how it is now, the Modano ones. It’s such a unique look, I want that back. I was hoping we’d get it with the highlighter ones that just came out but if we do retro, with the colours flipped -I’m in.

Image Created by Iconasys Shutter Stream

These drop on November 16th, day before my 21st, I think they’re gonna be nice looking regardless. While they’re at it, they should throw old logos on there too. Reverse colours, old logos, I’m be ready to shoot the puck in some of those bad bois.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from promo above

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