Hop on the Wagon Now: The Vanke Rays Are A Force to Be Reckoned With

Just 6 games into their season, the Vanke Rays are blowing their opponents out of the water. They’re first in the Russian Women’s League with a 5-1 record. Their only lose was handed to them by the Nizhny Novogorod, who are also 5-1 (their one loss was from the Vanke Rays), but the biggest difference is their goals for. The Novogorod have 14 goals for and 5 goals again, not bad eight?

Well the Vanke Rays have 38 goals for and just 6 goals against. In 6 games.

Yeah, this team is on another level. They blow out every team they play. They’re so skilled and powerful. The Vanke Rays have such depth that no matter what line is out there, they get the job done. Alex Carpenter, an American playing over there, has been leading this team offensively since the jump. Elite Prospects, bless them, has the roster but it may be a little off. According to them, Carpenter has 8 points (3G 5A) in the first 4 games and knowing her, she’s probably sitting at 12 points in 6. Her, Rachel Llanes, and Jessica Wong have been amazing so far.

Their next 2 games have been postponed but they’ll be back November 23rd to face the Ufa W, who are 3rd in the league with a 4-2 record. The Ufa are another high scoring team with 30 goals for and 5 against. That game will be worth the watch so catch it on YouTube.

They’re winning another championship. There is no way they don’t pull off a back-to-back Championship run. Book it.

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