We Need Another Women’s Hockey Rivalry Series This Year


So many women’s games and tournaments have been canceled this year and I refuse to lose the Rivalry Series between the US and Canada national teams. There has been only 5 international games in the last 2 years – we need more games.

The Rivalry Series last year was phenomenal. The US absolutely smashed Team Canada and took the Series 4-1. The record was set for the most-attended women’s national hockey game on US Soil. Team Canada is expected to be announcing a roster for camp soon. US Hockey just hosted the Women’s National Team Evaluation Camp up in Blaine, Minnesota so narrow that down a bit and we have a roster in motion for the US. (Yes, I’m still upset that Annie Pankowski isn’t on there.) The momentum in flowing, the love is there. Build it because they’re already here and they’re ready to watch some hockey.

Sure, we got COVID and that blows but come January and February things could look a lot different. If they had a 4 or 5 game series and just kept it in one country, no need to crisscross the boarder and A) have to quarantine or B) risk Rona. If we did that, we could make this work. The NHL’s bubble worked and so can this. It’s not off the table completely yet but get the wheels turning now to be ahead of this. I know I’m not the only one who needs another Rivalry Series so let’s start turning the gears and finding a way to make this work.

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